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Presidium Gold Karat Tester (PKT)

Presidium Gold Karat Tester (PKT)

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Presidium Gold Karat Tester (PKT)


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Is a handy desktop device, developed to estimate the purity of gold alloys in the unit of Karat, from 8K to 24K, based on electrochemical effect. The precision of this device is enhanced by the motorized dispenser pen that can be activated with a simple push-button, allowing the optimum amount of testing liquid to be dispensed safely in a uniform and accurate quantity to achieve consistent results.

Tests Effectively on

Gold Jewelry With a clip to hold jewelry in place, and a smart conductive and non-conductive testing platform design to aid testing of thin jewelry that can be placed on the non-conductive side, ensuring accurate testing.

Optimized Testing

Through Motorized Dispenser Pen Testing liquid ejected is regulated and this ensures consistent test results.


Complimentary Testing Liquids Comes with 3 bottles of testing liquid that is safe to use and easy to refill your tester with. Increased Portability Through 4 x AAA Battery Power Convenient to use your tester anytime, anywhere!

Notable Benefits:

• Identifies the karat of both Yellow Gold and White Gold • Identifies platinum

• Indicates if material is of non-gold metal • Measures gold purity in 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 24K

• Clean and safe motorized dispenser pen for optimized testing • Non-destructive to your gold jewelry and accessories

• Quick results shown on LED display • Usable for 200 tests per vial

• Convenient for testing on a range of different gold jewelry including necklaces, pendants, rings, brooches, etc

The Presidium Gold Karat Tester Includes:

1x State-of-the-art motorized dispenser pen 180L x 40W x 30H(mm), 69.7g 1x Slim test platform with clear LED display 128L x 85W x 35H (mm), 107.6g (without batteries) 1x Unit connector wire 3x Vials of testing liquid 1x Refill petri dish 1x Eraser 1x User Handbook 1x Warranty card 1x Protective partitioned carrying case