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Presidium Reflectivity Meter

Presidium Reflectivity Meter mäter reflektivitet hos ädelstenar.

***Läs nedan beskrivning på engelska.

The Presidium Reflectivity Meter ( PRM ) accurately measures the quality and quantity of light reflected through the stone and thus gives you an instant reading of its reflective index. The PRM can therefore identify the nature of every uncoated stone. For easy reference, we have included a Reflectivity Chart Listing for the most common stones of Synthetic Spinel, Synthetic Sapphire, Y.A.G., High Zircon, G.G.G., Cubic Zirconia, Strontium Titanate, Diamond and Synthetic Moissanite. Operates on a 9-Volt battery or directly from a wall plug. (Battery and AC Adaptor are optional).


100% portable and battery operated.
Used without the need of a thermal conductivity tester.
Reading - fast, accurate and dependable (instantly separates Diamonds from all known simulants including Synthetic Moissanite).
Finest quality.
1 Year Factory Warranty.
Size : L-140mm x W-80mm x H-33mm (5.5" x 3.15" x 1.3").
Weight : 140 g (4.9 oz).

Please note, that the digital reflectivity meter operation is similar to operation of optical refractometer, thus testing of mounted stones may be difficult or impossible. Mounted gemstones could only be reliably tested if no part of metal setting is located above stone facet being tested (normally the table).

Presidium Reflectivity Meter


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