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Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit
Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit

Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit


Lägg till i varukorg:

Denna produkt tas hem från Presidium vid köp och har leveranstid ca 14 dagar.

Presidium Duotester, Gem Tester with Diamond Simulant Kit mäter och skiljer äkta diamanter från alla kända simultanter inklusive syntetisk Moissanite. Instrumentet kan även skilja ut olika färgade ädelstenar från varandra.

***Läs nedan beskrivning på engelska.

Identify Diamonds & Colored Stones!

Portable Diamond Testing with Thermal Conductivity and Reflectivity measuring in the same affordable instrument!! Double your confidence when you test the genuineness of diamonds against all known simulants, including Synthetic Moissanite!!

The Presidium Duotester is the only tool on the market that provides the user with two proven tests for diamonds and the ability to differentiate between similarly colored gemstones. The easy-to-read dial of the Duotester is calibrated to indicate the differences in thermal conductivity of the most popular gemstones and simulants. Simply touch the tip of the thermal conductivity probe pen to a mounted or loose stone. Diamond is easily identified by any reading in the green area of the dial, and colored gemstones can be easily differentiated from one another by the clearly labeled zones provided in the red area. Even coated gemstones can be accurately tested.

Digital Reflectivity Measurement

Diamond and its simulants reflect light proportionally to their respective Refractive Index. The Presidium Duotester provides the user with a Digital Reflectivity Meter and an easy to use Simulant Reflectivity Chart. The Reflectivity Number from the meter is simply cross-referenced with the chart to identify the stone. An unknown gemstone can be tested for its thermal conductivity and, if necessary, the results can be confirmed with a quick and simple reflectivity test. All stones indicated as diamond by the thermal tester should be tested with the reflectivity meter to test for Synthetic Moissanite, thus providing double the assurance for the same price.

Please note, that the digital reflectivity meter operation is similar to operation of optical refractometer, thus testing of mounted stones may be difficult or impossible. Mounted gemstones could only be reliably tested if no part of metal setting is located above stone facet being tested (normally the table).

Easy Fail-Safe Calibration

The Presidium Duotester comes complete with built-in Diamond and Simulant Test Discs for easy calibration of the Thermal Tester. Calibration of the Reflectivity Meter is made easy with the optional (optional with PDT-S7; included with PDT), built-in Diamond Substitute Set.

The Simulant Set includes 1/2ct diamond-sized equivalents of the following diamond simulants: Strontium Titanate, Cubic Zirconia, GGG, High Zircon, YAG, Synthetic Sapphire and Synthetic Spinel. The value of the set is above $150 if sold separately. The set is used for the Reflectivity Meter part of calibration and as a reference.


The thermal probe pen includes a metal warning detector that emits an audible buzz if the gem mounting is accidentally touched. The Duotester can be powered by 5 'AA' alkaline batteries or by the Electrical Adapter provided.

Guaranteed Quality

The Presidium Duotester is manufactured under rigid quality standards. The user is assured of the highest satisfaction and dependable service from this Presidium instrument. Each Duotester is tested for functionality before shipment.


Presidium Duotester with a testing probe. Includes Diamond Simulant Kit (7 Stones).
Soft case and hard carrying case.
230V European AC Adapter
Owner's manual and tester warranty.

Size : L-165mm x W-77mm x H-77mm (6.85" x 3.2" x 3.2").
Weight : 319 grams.

1 Year Factory Warranty

The Color Stone Estimating function was added to the Gem Tester as an aid in distinguishing some of the most popular gems. It can be used with cut stones, mounted stones and even with rough stones.

It can distinguish:

Sapphire Vs Tanzanite Sapphire Vs lolite
Sapphire Vs Spinel
Sapphire Vs Citrine
Sapphire Vs Topaz
Sapphire Vs Tourmaline
Emerald Vs Jadeite
Emerald Vs Garnet
Jadeite Vs Garnet
Jadeite Vs Chrysoprase
Ruby Vs Spinel
Ruby Vs Garnet
Topaz Vs Aquamarine
Topaz Vs Amethyst
Topaz Vs Citrine
Spinel Vs Garnet
Gemstones Vs Glass


1. This instrument (as with any refractometer) does not distinguish between natural and synthetic stones. Further examination is recommended for a final analysis.
2. The use of this instrument is restricted to the gems listed above and will assist the jeweler to identify many confusing stones in the market.