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Jadeite/chelsea filter

Jadeite/chelsea filter

  • Ursprungsland: China


Lägg till i varukorg:

Jadeite/chelsea filter för ädelstens identifiering.

Beskrivning på engelska:
Jadeite/chelsea filter is designed to transmit only deep red and yellow-green light (best obtained under strong electric light). Just hold te filter close to your eye and look at the stones. Multiple stones can be viewed at once. It is helpful with identifying certain red, blue and green stones. Jadeite/chelsea filter mixed in jewelry, and to differentiate emerald from emerald look alikes, it is also use ful for checking aquamarine and sapphires.

With the filter emeralds usually appear distinctly red or pinkish in color, while most imitations remain green. In rare cases certain emeralds, mostnotably from South Africa, may not show any pinkish color at all. A synthetic emerald will react the same as a genuine one.

Rubies (both genuine and synthetic) appear brilliant red under the filter. Synthetic blue spinel appear yellow-orange or pink while aquamarine and sapphires appear green or green-grey.

Specifications :
Filter Diameter : 20mm
Body : Made of metal