About us

Introduction to RIDDGEM

Riddgem is a smaller business run by:
Simon Ridderborg: University with gemmology. 
Email: simon@ridderborg.se
Our company VAT registrated and we are located in Stockholm, Sweden.
We are specialized on cut diamonds and gems. We also have many other products such as minerals, gems in the rough, accesories and more. All products in out webshop are in stock and avaliable for delivery in short notice. 

About Our Gem Sales

All the stones we sell are natural, not synthetic. We buy from suppliers all over the world. 
We carefully make sure we deliver what we promise to, our aim is to create satisfied customers who will return to us. As our customer you are our most importent asset.
We also hope to be recommended to new customers by our existing ones, which prompts us continuously to improve our service and quality. We only sell our goods online. Please contact us by post, email or telephone.
By doing so we can minimize our costs and keep prices down.

Gemstone markets

Many of our gems are bought on this market. Buyer and seller have a kind of negotiator who work on commision and the deals are closed using a kind of auction system. Prices can vary a lot depending on avalibility and demand.
Here does the area start where it is gems market friday to sunday. Many buyers and sellers during market days. In the shoulderbags there can be gems of huge values, 1000s of dollars. 

Pic 1 buyer choose from a LOT of sapphires. Pic 2 buyer choose from a LOT of rubys. Pic 3 buyer and seller do not agree, ...VERY EXPENSIVE... 

Still this day it is Sapphire mining next to Chantaburi in area called Bangkaja. This pics show one recently open spot. 

This area was one of worlds biggest Sapphire producer just a few years back, now it is only one mining company still operate. Picture show where they take material and the sort machine. 

Here comes possible Sapphire material out and are sorted out by workers. Note the red bucket in middle pic where all valuable material should be put. Only the owner have access to that with his key. Last pic show that after Sapphire gone they make the area to be golf arena. 

Few pic on gemshop and gemmarket where its possible to buy the local stones. Good skill in bargin is recommended. 

In Bo Rai wich is in border area to Cambodia there where until reacently a daily morning market 06.00-10.00 selling mostly rough gems. Now there are a few gemshops remain where it is still possible to make good bargins. Pic show some of products avaliable. 

In Pailin, Cambodia there have been big deposits of Sapphire taken out mainly during the civilwar period. In this very special end of our world there are a number of gemshops very aware of their prices. Picture show the best hotel in town according to the owner (and only!!!) and the street outside. Pic 3 show one gemshop have pretty much nice gems to look.
More information and ongoing publishing you can see in our blog http://riddgem.se/blogg/ (only Swedish at this time) where we write about anything concerning gemstones.