Certified Fancy Diamonds

Natural colour Diamonds like Pink, Brown, Yellow, Orange and Champange and other varities of this colour`s.. Some natural colour Diamonds are much more rare than white Diamonds. Natural colour Diamonds is named as "Fancy" according to international standards. 

Certified Fancy Diamonds of different Quality at good price. All Sizes Certified Fancy Diamonds . Purchase your Certified Fancy Diamonds from riddgem.se a reliable serious Swedish company wich been doing bussiness on Internet since 2005. Effective paymentsystems such as, Klarna Checkout, Payson, Paypal and Payment in Advance. We have many satisfied customers and you are welcome to be one of them.

We offer you shape such as brilliant, heart and radiant (including cushion & antique). Size from 0,5 carat and up. Normaly we not stock this diamonds, instead we give you 3-5 suggestions from our Antwerpen distributor upon your inquiry. We need to know from you what colour (brown, yellow are priceworthy) and shape you wish. Click here and tell us what you are looking for (Please only serious inquiry). Below you can see samples of not in stock Certified Fancy Diamonds that normaly are available to purchase.

Certified Fancy Diamonds we stock are sorted first below. 

***Riddgem and our Distributor garantee that it is not a conflict diamond and produced accordingly within Kimberley Process. Therefore approved according to EU:s regulations 2368/2002.***