Mineral group: Carbon crystallized
Chemistry: C
Color: Colorless white, brown, yellow and rarely green, blue, red, orange and black
Crystal system: Hexagonal
Mohs Scale hardness: 10
Refractive index: 2,417-2,419
Birefringence: 0
Specific gravity: 3,5-3,53


Diamonds are the hardest known substance in our nature and have value 10 in Mohs Scale of hardness. Diamonds are known for the extraordinary luster or dispersion wich is the value 0.044 and only a very few other gems have similar or better fire than that. Diamonds can be found in all colors and white is not the rarest one to find. The 4 C is importent when value a diamond, it stands for; Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut. 

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***Riddgem and our Distributor garantee that it is not a conflict diamond and produced accordingly within Kimberley Process. Therefore approved according to EU:s regulations 2368/2002. Genuine natural diamond verified by Riddgem with Presidium Instrument.***