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Presidium DiamondMate-A Electronic Diamond Tester

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Presidium Diamant Testare, DiamondMate-A mäter och skiljer äkta diamanter från simultanter.

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The Presidium DiamondMate Diamond Tester utilizes a proven thermal conductivity testing method to instantly verify the authenticity of diamonds. The test results are indicated by visual lights and audible beeps.

This is Model DiamondMate-A - This model operates on alkaline (AAA) batteries or direct AC current. Batteries and AC adapter (optional).

Please choose Model DiamondMate-C to have rechargeable batteries and an AC Adapter included!


No waiting time between tests.
Pocket size.
Low batteries indicator.
Metal detector - intermittent beep.
Measured Diamond - continuous beep.
Low battery consumption.
Carrying case - standard for both models.
1 Year Factory Warranty.
Size : L-160mm (6 1/3") x W-21mm (13/16") x H-30mm (1 3/16").
Weight : 45 gms ( 1 1/2 oz.).

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